It is What it is

It is What it is

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I’m not a sports person. I can’t stand sports fans. The idea of drunk masses getting together over something trivial like sports 1) doesn’t appeal to me and 2) makes no sense.

But since I met Eli, it’s been football, football, football. Thankfully, he is not your typical football woo-fan, but actively watches the plays, analyzes them and hashes them out. Rinse. Repeat. So it’s safe to say that it’s a bit difficult to avoid them, and since football does mean so much to him, I’m making an effort to learn and be open about it. 

When I joined TrackMaven last winter, one of our first beta clients was the Redskins. Cue piqued interest on his part. I kept him in the loop on what was going on with our work with them (nothing too exciting) and when I learned there was the possibility of tickets to games, he became very interested. 

Then, yesterday, it came! Redskins preseason tickets against the Steelers! We had a wonderful time, and other than some rowdy fans in our section, it was quite fun. 


Play ball!

Permit acquired. Let’s ride.
Permit acquired. Let’s ride.

Permit acquired. Let’s ride.

Step One: Learn Everything

In the process of getting ready for my motorcycle license, I’ve been testing myself like crazy. The last week has been a blur of what to do when the brakes lock up, BAC limits, lane sharing, riding with groups, turning safety, how to cross train tracks… It’s overwhelming! 

But tomorrow morning I go for the knowledge test for my permit. Bright and early I should know whether I can move on to phase two, actually riding on the streets! (with Eli in tow, obviously) I have a guy lined up, a former Maryland state police officer—with lessons in NE DC—who will be my instructor for the actual skills driving test. Originally my plan was to be on a motorcycle by mid-July. It’s looking like it’ll be before mid-June! 

I’m getting stupidly excited and have become completely obsessed with the idea of riding. While I have plans all day Saturday, all I really want to do is ride with Eli. We have a lot of fun riding 2-up, but we’re both looking forward to riding together. 

Fingers crossed!

I haven’t had a vacation in 3 years. And while I still need an actual vacation, I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with family and friends doing some awesome things. 

On Saturday, Eli and I went up to Cecil County to visit some of my family. He had what he says was the best crabcake he’s had at my favorite crabhouse, Woody’s. (They are damned good!) After lunch with my mom and stepdad, we headed over to hang out with my dad’s side of the family at the Pilottown Gun Club for a combo birthday/Memorial Day picnic. This was the highlight of the day, as it meant Eli got to shoot guns and bond with my dad over motorcyles. :)



I also took a turn, despite not being a big fan of them.



Sunday was BBQ day with a stop at Kyle’s and Eli’s friend Doug’s, where I ran into a former coworker, which was a pleasant surprise. It ended up being an early night to bed as we had an exciting day planned on Memorial Day!

Monday really took the cake. It was my first time actually riding a motorcycle! We went up to Carter Barron early Monday to start my second informal lesson, where I started learning to take off, maneuver and shift to second. I had a freaking blast! 


Turns out Carter Barron is a popular place to learn to drive. While I was the only motorcyclist (ooh I like the sound of that), there were at least four other soon-to-be-drivers learning and even the fire department was doing maneuvers with one of their trucks that has rear-wheel steering! It was a bit frustrating being around so many new drivers - they meandered along the parking lot at ridiculously slow speeds, and all I could think was “Come on! It has four wheels and a stop and go! There’s no clutch! No balancing!” But it was good practice getting used to other vehicles.

It was a lot of fun, and I cannot wait to ride more! I didn’t think I would get this into motorcycles, since I’ve actively avoided them since I was little, but having a cute guy teaching you doesn’t hurt. ;) 


(busy looking at motorcycle stuff while waiting for lunch after a great second lesson)

The goal is to take my permit test in the next week or so, get signed up for proper lessons and then take my rider’s test. Hopefully by July I’ll be riding on my own! Can’t wait! 

From way back in May, at Drinko de Mayo brunch :)

beginning again

today i decided to start a personal blog again. it’s been about 2 years since i shut down my last one and i’ve noticed a void since. i’m by no means a great writer, but there are moments in my life that i would love to document in a more traditional way. posting to instagram and twitter feels fleeting; facebook feels spammy. this is mostly for me and the people close to me who wish to enjoy. 

my plan is to pick my actual camera back up (just the point and shoot, occasionally the DSLR) and take real photographs, not just over-sharpened, filtered shots through my phone. i want to document the adventures i have with the people i care about and write about the things that matter to me, when it strikes me. i’m excited.

life is good, and i want to document it.